You need anything dampened, or made soggy?

From BoingBoing: "Moist, and other words people dislike."


An excerpt from Ben Zimmer's essay at Visual Thesaurus proclaims:

"Many people feel quite strongly about moist — there's even a Facebook group called called "I HATE the word MOIST!" with more than 300 members."
I think I know a member (or if not, a soon-to-be one).

I personally don't have a problem with the word and do, in fact, taunt my friend with it from time to time. Because I'm a little bit evil like that. One of my favorite characters in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is Moist, played by Simon Helberg. Too bad there's not a song about him.

I'm not sure how one goes about describing the perfect cupcake if they can't use the word "moist." Mushy? Soft and fluffy? (okay, maybe). Cloud-like?

I should stop now. I've probably just lost one of my three loyal readers who is, or was, a very good friend. I need to go water my vegetables anyway. Got keep that soil nice and moist! See? I can't quit and may get punched.

What word do you hate? I can't promise not to torture you with it.


Annika said...

I don't think I have a trigger word like that. I mean, I like some words more than others but I don't have a 'moist.'

madretz said...

i don't think i have a trigger word either...except for annoying shortened versions of my name. I'll get back to ya if I think of one.

the slackmistress said...

I hate the word "folks." It doesn't squick me out, I just hate it.

ren said... i'll get you back. just wait.

expect it when you least expect it.

ren said...

you know what? i had TWO presents here for you...but i returned them.

Jodi said...

@ren: Would it help my cause if I told you there was an instigator? Nah, I suppose not because I totally ran with it with great glee!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how are you supposed to describe things? That's just weird.

Nicole said...


Oh yes. Wasn't it Lily on How I Met Your Mother who hated that word?

It doesn't bother me.

But it does drive me up the wall when people say "you all", particularly at work.

Jodi said...

@Nicole: Funny! I say "you all" ALL the time! Good thing we only type to each other! It annoys people in my life, but I look at it as a great improvement from when I used to say "ya'll" with a Southern drawl.

The Mad Doctor said...

Business buzz words annoy but generally don't send me out of the room. Except perhaps, "empower."

It results in serious eye rolling which I've been told is a good exercise for liver health per a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Hence, if I'm caught doing said eye-rolling, I just point out it's a liver exercise.

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