Wanted: 1 Nap

This past Friday, I posted a list over at L.A. Metblogs of free, or inexpensive, fun activities happening this weekend in Los Angeles. I knew other events were happening, some of which were mentioned in the comments, but I specifically noted things E and I were interested in doing. Also, I didn't include anything that cost over $5.

Surprisingly, between the two of us, we hit each gathering even if only for a short time. I enjoyed Classic Eats #5 with fellow Metblogs authors and readers, while E went to the Santa Fe Art Colony Open Studios and the tail-end of BarCamp. (Oh, and I picked up what dregs were left over on Free Comic Book Day on the way to Classic Eats).

Today, I headed downtown for Unique L.A. I pretty much hung out with JustJenn and didn't see much of the enormous, somewhat difficult to navigate show. For one thing, I hadn't seen Jenn in a while and wanted to catch up. Also, I didn't want to spend any money and I have some kind of very painful foot injury and couldn't really walk around. It was all good fun until I was unable to locate my car in the underground garage. It took me 20 minutes to find it. I wish I was joking. All the while, E was learning about Circuit Bending at Machine Project.

I then swung over to Echo Park, picked up E and we geeked out in Pasadena at the JPL Open House. After gawking at Mars Rover replicas, we both went to the art colony and hung out with friends who were displaying 3D goodness in front of one our buddy's space. Then I dropped E back at Machine for another lecture and came home to do laundry, etc.

All in all, a great weekend. The panic of Sunday night has set in though as I look at all of the things I didn't get done. I guess they'll be here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Having fun is way more important than chores. The dirt will still be there afterwards.

Anonymous said...

You guys should do the winter show, I'm telling you! Do more shows!

The Mad Doctor said...

Definitely ignore the chores!
Glad you had fun. I covet all the stuff going on in LA.

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