Hello, Hello...Hola! Hola!

Do you know the best time to go to Universal CityWalk? Well, I found out and will let you in on the secret. When it's pouring rain, that's when. Easy to park and NO awesome is that? I'm not a fan of their multiplex, but it has one of the two IMAX screens in L.A. showing U2 3D in limited release. I can see Universal City from my back yard and I certainly didn't want to drive all the way to The Bridge in the downpour. As a bonus, we had AMC passes and a gift card that we used for tickets and concessions. We paid only $5 for parking, movie, and snacks.

Hello, Hello...Hola! Hola!

So, U2 3D. It's pretty fanfreakintastic. E saw some footage a couple months ago and prepared me somewhat for how incredible the film would be. It was truly something to experience, especially if you are a U2 fan and/or you appreciate 3D. You've never been immersed in a movie like this before and you've never seen a concert film of this nature. Also, there is no seat in an arena during a live show that can give you the perspectives offered up on the ginormous screen.

Prior to tonight, I've seen U2 twice in concert. The first time was in the fall of 1987 on the Joshua Tree tour and the next was fall of 2006 on the Vertigo tour. I now feel like I can say I've seen them live three times (but I won't!). I got teary-eyed at least three, maybe four, times, like I often do at a show that moves me. I think my favorite thing was seeing The Edge and his quiet intensity so up close. Bono is a spaz and we alway see him everywhere, so it was fun to have some focus on the other guys as well. Great band, terrific music, and amazing 3D footage.

U2 3D will open in some non-IMAX theaters on February 15th.


Anonymous said...

pouring rain sounds horrible. But it's worth it for an empty Citywalk.

Nanette said...

I don't like U2, but I'm glad you had a great experience, even in the rain! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the experience to have. All that for $5??? Lucky you guys!

Anonymous said...

so if you have to wait till it rains to go there, you go what, maybe once a year?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi...

Saw your blog on TSB. I'm in Florida and love Universal Studios Orlando. My hubby and I go to CityWalk often. It rained there the last time we went and it was as you described. We had lots of fun and no wait! cya! =)

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