Fry All You Can...For $5!

One of the many holiday parties we attended this past December was a "fry-b-que" hosted by our good friends at machine project in Echo Park. I've been invited to fry parties before, but never attended. It seemed like something fun and different to do, so we got some bananas and Oreo cookies and went for it. Oh, and we'd just made some of justJenn's famous bacon wrapped little smokies* for another party, so we brought a few of those along to throw into the fat.

The set up involved several fryers. There was one for meat, another for vegan items, yet another for sweets, and a fourth one that was dubbed "anything goes." You could have stuff cooked up battered or not. We dipped it all and took a few tastes. That's all you need before feeling quite ill. There was also a table of community food that you could sample. It was recommended to me that the Star Crunch battered and fried was quite delicious, so I gave it a try. It was great, again for the first couple of bites. I don't know if the county fair is on to this one yet.

Others experimented with all kinds of things from pizza to Pop Tarts to rabbit meat. It was an experience and not one I need to repeat anytime soon. One woman kind of summed it up when she walked into the joint and exclaimed, "It smells like ass in here!" Our clothes reeked afterwards and reminded me of my days as a student cook in college. Nasty.

*We ended up making justJenn's weenies for THREE separate parties. I think there may be a few in the fridge still. I am officially sick of bacon, at least for the time being. E can't seem to understand.

Just a day after my post, Boing Boing tv posted their experience at the fry-b-que. Too bad we missed Xeni frying up cell phones. Yum!


Anonymous said...

justJENN's weenies sounds like some bad porn that I've released on vhs.

Peeved Michelle said...

I am definitely going to make those bacon smokies for my next party, which is an appetizer potluck.

Anonymous said...

here in oklahoma "fried" is one of the official food groups. i've always wanted to try a fried twinkie but really i don't think i have the courage or intestinal fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Egad fried ... not on my diet I'm afraid. Sounds like it was worth a try once, but a little goes a long way with Fried stuff.

TiggerLarue said...

I've tried a fried twinkie...really not so good.... I've heard that some places you can have fried Coke, too. That's really just WRONG.

ren said...

i have read this entry like FIVE TIMES now and i just marvel. you know i love me some french fries and i am fascinated by the fried oreo but...that's scary.

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