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If I had made a resolution to "be on time" or "stop being late" for 2011, I would have already failed. The lateness of my "year end" post here is only one example.

I can't say that I'm too sad to say good-bye to 2010. Yes, some very good things did happen this past year. Unfortunately, there have been some not-so-pleasant personal things and a really sad recurring theme. In the last twelve months, family, friends and I all lost dear pets. We were "lucky" in many of the cases in that our precious four-legged friends were old and lived very long, very full lives. While somewhat comforting, that fact does not diminish the losses. So, my year-end wrap up blog post is not meant to be depressing, but is a tribute to some of those we had to bid farewell to in 2010.

Jetta and Rex

Jetta and Rex, both of my parents' German Shepherd Dogs passed away within about a month of each other. I took this photo when I last saw them six years ago. Jetta had just come to live with them at that time. Rex was with my family since he was puppy. They were good dogs and I was really sad not to see them when I visited at Thanksgiving. 

Bryce was a good friend of ours. We've known his dad since college and met Bryce, also known as "The Mooch," shortly after we moved to California 16 years ago. This sweet, adorable little fuzzball peed on our old tv, but I can't blame him. Prior to that, when we took Cosette to his place, she took all of his toys and was so bossy that he hid under the bed. I was embarrassed, but we did laugh about that for years to come.

Audrey the cat was the most recent to leave us. For several years, I looked in on and fed Miss Audrey while her parents went away for the holidays. We sort of had a love-hate relationship. I tried, I did, but I'm not really a cat person and Audrey knew that. I smelled like dogs and accused her of "wagging" her tail. I shot the above video while trying to make nice with her. It fully demonstrates my ignorance of the inner workings of a cat's mind. Overall, she was pretty tolerant of me and my camera (which she did not like). The old, wise feline definitely taught me some life lessons and will be greatly missed.

I know that I have some photos of Bailey, a friend's German Shepherd Dog, but can't find them. He was a beautiful, smart and gentle dog. He was quite a faithful companion.

I never knew Peter, Electra and Sophie as I did the above animals, but I care about these cats' owners and was sad for them having to experience their losses.


A day hasn't gone by in this past year with me thinking of our sweet Cosette, often with tears. I still miss my Puppy Girl so much and know I always will.


Shayne said...

Hugs to you and your family and friends. Thanks for including Sophie.

Darlene said...

Rest in peace to all the pets! I know they were all well loved.

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