Their Bottoms Are Made Out Of Springs

We did indeed have our annual Thanksgiving outing to The Happiest Place On Earth. There was no repeat of The Great Pumpkin Pie Incident of 2006 as there wasn't a single slice to be found in all of Disneyland. I tracked down some pumpkin muffins, but that's just not the same.

I did treat myself to this lovely, tooth-rotting confection:

Tigger Tail

Marshmallows, caramel, orange candy coating, chocolate stripes. On a stick. YUM! I ate about three-quarters of this and suddenly felt like Tigger! I got such a sugar rush that my head was spinning and I just wanted to bounce around. Hoo Hoo Hoo HOO!!!

Now for the embarrassing part. I got to the front of the sweets line and very proudly ordered my "Tiger Tail." This is what followed:

"Excuse me," said the cast member working the counter, "don't you mean TIGGER Tail?"

Me: "Oops! I'm sorry! Yes! TIGGER Tail! Am I going to get kicked out of Disneyland?"

C.M.: "Well, no, but I don't think Tigger would be very happy to hear you say that."

Me: "I think you're right. I'm sorry."

So ridicurous!


nicole said...

That's cute. Do they have them at Disney World too? I have to get one next time I'm there.

Jodi said...

Nicole--I haven't been to Disney World since I graduated high school in 1988, so I have no idea!!!

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